ADAMS - The American Legion Post 160 has compiled a lot of history over 100 years.

So when the Adams Post started working on a display for town hall, Historian John Bordeau said it was a challenge to decide what to include. 

Bordeau said, "We still had the logs from our Post from 1919. We went through and tried to decide, each time we met, what we would want to put and in what order. And it changed a little bit as we went along."

The pictures and documents cover 100 years of Post 160. Items include the original dedication of the Veterans' War Memorial Tower and pictures of the Post's founding members. 

Bordeau says one of his favorites is a town-wide display of patriotism during World War II. 

"In 1942, I think it was, they built a plaque in front of the library here with all the names of the people that were presently in World War II. And when they dedicated it, honoring it, the town had about 13,000 people and 10,000 people showed up," Bordeau said. 

For former Post Commander Paul Hutchinson, John F. Kennedy's visit to the Post in 1959 is a highlight. 

Hutchinson said, "He wasn't here as president, but two years before he was elected president, he was at a rally here, and there's a picture of him waving to all of the people who were here."

The town hall used to be the Post's meeting place, and now it hosts a rotating art gallery. Hutchinson said it's the perfect place to display their history. 

"It's a display, you want people to be able to enjoy it and see. So we thought, 'Well, let's give it a try and see.'"

The display will only be up at Town Hall until the end of December, but part of it will be up on display again at the Post's open house in the New Year.