WESTMINSTER - It's the time of the year for many celebrations.

But it can be a dangerous time for people struggling with addiction.

Recovery Centers of America offers a detoxification and 30-day residential program for alcohol and drug addiction. 

The Westminster Center is urging anyone who needs help to seek it out now, and not wait until after the holidays.

While it may be hard missing time with family and friends, experts say the next time someone uses could be the last time. 

Recovery Centers of America Chief Medical Officer Dr. Heidi Ginter said, "What we want to see is this person sober, alive and living the life they want to live. Delaying can be deadly. We want people to make the decision that sobriety is the gift I'm going to give my family for this year."


CEO Michael Stuart said, "Treatment is available. We're here. We have beds for people who need help. It's a difficult time of year. We want people to get in and get the help they need."

"Don't wait. This disease is chronic and it's progressive and it's only going to get worse. If you're trying to get help, go in immediately," said Interventionist Ashley Furey. 

RCA dos provide 24-7 admission. For more information, you can visit their website at recoverycentersofamerica.com