WORCESTER - The EcoTarium hosted a special birthday party for a pair of mountain lions.

On Saturday, brother and sister Salton and Freyja turned one. 

The big cats got new toys as presents and their first taste of birthday cake -- topped with goats milk, chicken brother, fish juice, and filled with fice, mice and rats. 

Thankfully, for visitors the EcoTarium had a birthday cake to celebrate and mountain-lion themed activities. 

The museum says they can tell Salton and Freyja's age bsaed on their teeth and the spotting on their coats. 

EcoTarium's Curator of Living Collections, Johanna Black, said, "They're actually quite good-natured. They're very playful. They tend to learn very quickly. They're inquistiive. But they're also cats so they slep 18 hours a day, so they can appear quite lazy."

The EcoTarium says the mountain lions will be considered full adults when they are two-years-old. 



Photo Credit: EcoTarium/Facebook