A Lenox church is keeping the holiday spirit alive and lending a helping hand to area restaurants.

The Church on the Hill recorded a Christmas carol sing-along featuring songwriter Billy Keane alongside Wanda Houston and her band. The hour-long program was recorded in a barn in town, to stick with a manger theme.

The tickets start at $1, and all of the proceeds go to the food and beverage service staff at Lenox restaurants.

"Lenox, as well as most towns … there's a huge hit on the restaurant business and food service business, so we had an idea to try and do something,” said Church Administrator Mark Farrell, “and another thing this holiday season we are really missing is the inability to gather together with friends and family and just sing. We thought we could put this together and try to serve both of those things.”

The program runs through New Year’s Eve. Tickets are available on the church’s website.