A mobile vaccination clinic at the YWCA of Central Massachusetts Monday aims to ensure the state's vaccine rollout is done in an equitable way.

The city receives around 800 doses a week of equity vaccines from the state. The doses will go to Black, Latinx individuals, and to underserved communities.

Robyn Kennedy from the YWCA and the city's Health and Human Services Commissioner, Dr. Mattie Castiel, say it is about prioritizing these communities.

“[It’s] to ensure that those in our community who have been the most impacted and hardest hit by the COVID disease are able to access, and make it accessible for individuals to those individuals to access the vaccine as a priority,” says Kennedy.

“Our goal is also to boost up those vaccines to the people that have been the most affected in our communities. And that's been our goal into outreach is to go to places where people feel comfortable and give them the vaccine there,” says Castiel.

They anticipate at least 300 vaccines will be distributed Monday. All individuals receiving the vaccine must be pre-registered for today.