While theaters and other indoor performance spaces do fall under Phase 3, Step 2, the Hanover Theatre won't be back to business as usual just yet.

President & CEO Troy Siebels said the state's new guidance gives them more flexibility to reopen at 50%. The conservatory programs and dance studio recitals will be able to have live audiences, but Siebels said their big shows still need 100% capacity or close for them to work.

He said they're still looking to the fall for a major reopening.

"Some people may not understand why we are not open next week, next month,” Siebels said. “It's that the shows that are out there touring need to see that the venues like us around the country are going to be able to host them with full capacity. More than making a big difference for us tomorrow, it makes a big difference, because those shows can see that our state is moving in a positive direction and it is trying to work to get venues like us open, so this is going to help us open sooner, that's for sure.”

Siebels said they have a lot of things on the calendar for fall, including Ricky Duran returning in September, and a Broadway series set for October.