The effort to Save Duffy Field continued Saturday at the Worcester park.

Members of the 'Save Duffy Field' group spent the day cleaning up some of the trash around the park in partnership with Regional Environmental Council's clean up event. 

The group said they're committed to the maintenance, cleanliness and safety of the field. 

Those looking to Save Duffy Field want to keep it as a neighborhood park. 

Members said they want to keep it as a green space for residents.

"What we want to do is preserve, especially the woods,” Friends of Wetherell Park member Andrea Sullivan said. “We want to keep it as open space so that there's no fencing, no artificial turf, preserving a natural play space. We are welcome to all. We love having everyone here. We just don't want to permanently alter the space that we have now. We want to keep it an open green space so that it's not interrupting use of the neighborhood."

The other side, 'Share Duffy Field,' wants to see the property renovated and shared with others like Doherty High School, as well as other public interest groups. ​