COVINGTON, Ky. — Revival Vintage Bottle Shop opened up in Covington in 2020. One of the business’ owners, Brand Bonds, works to make his dream a reality daily. 

What You Need To Know

  • Revival Vintage Bottle Shop opened in 2020

  • The locally owned business is a two-ounce-pour tasting shop on bourbon and spirits

  • Owners say business is so good that they’re expanding and moving into a bigger building

  • They say more drink opportunities will come once they move into a new location

“You know, I tasted some older bourbon a little over ten years ago, and it was just the best thing I’ve ever tried. And I guess I’m constantly on a mission to taste the best thing I’ve ever tried, and I get to do that here and live my dream and really share that passion with others,” Bonds said.

The business operates with a two-ounce-pour license currently, allowing people to taste some of the different bottles that line shelves in the shop. Bonds said he could talk for hours about the history and make to these bottles.

He doesn’t operate the business alone. Shannon Smith is the other owner. She’s one of many hats, operating a legal firm and is a city commissioner in Covington, along with helping own this local small business. Smith said business is doing well — so well, that they’re working to move into a bigger building a couple blocks up the street from where they’re currently located.

“We’ll be on the first floor, the second floor and maybe the third floor. So we’ll have an entire bourbon library if you will,” Smith said.

It’s a sign of growth for a local business that opened its doors amid a pandemic. Bonds will be able to serve more as the shop’s liquor license grows as well in the new space.

“Over there will just be more. You’ll be able to actually do vintage mixed drinks. We’ll have beer, wine, cigars as well, so something for everybody,” Bonds said.

Smith said the goal is to move into the building and open up in the new location before the end of the year.