LOUISVILLE, Ky. — It’s a situation that developed in a matter of seconds, and as a result, police saved a week-old baby’s life. The newborn stopped breathing at a Louisville convenience store earlier this week, and two Louisville Metro Police Officers helped save the infant’s life. 

What You Need To Know

  • Two LMPD police officers save a baby’s life

  • The week old baby stopped breathing at a Louisville convenience store

  • This is an experience that is new for these two officers who started wearing the badge in 2021

  • The officers said baby Emma is doing well


It happened on Monday at the Shorty’s Convenience Store on 18th and Broadway, where First Division Officers Nicholas Greene and Noah Cole made a routine stop.

“A gentleman runs into the gas station and telling us his baby is no good. So at that moment, we just ran out of the store. I tried to key up on the radio, but I couldn’t key up on the radio. So my partner (Noah) Cole, he did all the talking on the radio while I tried to perform CPR on this baby,” Greene said.

The father spoke barely any English, but ran for help to the officers.

“He said my baby’s ‘No Bueno’ so that means ‘My baby is no good’ So we just ran outside and see what situation was that we had and the mother was in the backseat with the baby,” Greene said.

The officers ran outside and found the seven-day-old baby not responding in the mother’s hands.

“So I started doing, you know, CPR on the baby. I couldn’t talk on the radio but when I heard the baby come back crying, like oh, ‘we got it. We got it’,” Greene said.

Greene revived baby Emma at the gas station and relief set in on everyone when they heard baby Emma cry while paramedics arrived.

“When the baby started screaming and whining, that was like okay, there’s oxygen to the brain, there’s oxygen inside the body. So that was the ultimate sign of relief,” Greene said. 

This is an experience that is new for these two officers who started wearing the badge in 2021.

“My heart rate was through the roof. At one point in time, my watch clocked my heart rate at around like 130 beats per minute within a split second. But you know, like I said with training we have, we are trained to actually know the answer to questions and keep a calm level headed as to perform tasks that we need,” Greene said.

Police said baby Emma is doing well. They said first responders took Emma to the hospital for an evaluation and she is now at home, happy and healthy.