LEXINGTON, Ky. — Gas is almost averaging $5 per gallon nationwide. To ease the price at the pump for some Kentuckians, Lexington is offering free $25 gas gift cards to all who get their COVID-19 vaccine or booster shot this weekend.

What You Need To Know

  • Kentuckians can get vaccines and gas cards for free at Kroger Field on Saturday 

  • People who receive a vaccine or booster shot can take home a $25 gas gift card

  • COVID-19 is still affecting communities like Fayette County

  • Fayette County is in the red in terms of COVID-19 spread, with 816 recent cases reported as of June 6

UK Healthcare and volunteers from other local hospitals are hosting the event at Kroger Field on Saturday. Saving on gas, while being safe against COVID-19, is one way Ryan Babb is bringing in community members to get vaccinated. 

“When someone comes in and brings their family, or has a family of four or five, that’s four or five gas gift cards,” Babb said.

Outside Kroger Field in the Green Lot on Friday, volunteers gave out vaccines and booster shots along with $25 gift cards for gas. 

“We still need to take the precautions we still need to vaccinate. People feel like we are out of this, but it’s still here. We’re in the red because of the transmission in Fayette County,” Babb said. 

Keely Lowe, a volunteer from Midway University, said with Fayette County in the red, staying up to date on the COVID-19 vaccine is important for slowing down the spread. 

“It’s really important that people are still getting vaccinated. We were becoming a little bit complacent,” Lowe said.

And with gas prices rising right along with COVID-19 cases, Lowe said this clinic was combining their best resources for the community. 

“It’s just that extra boost to come on out and get those vaccines completed. People are saying, ‘I’m traveling this summer. I’m going to be around my grandkids. I’m going to be around family.’ And so it’s a great way for them to come out,” Lowe said.

As of June 6, Fayette County reported 816 new cases, the second highest in the state. The clinic will offer free vaccines and boosters, along with the gas gift cards on Saturday at Kroger Field from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., and no registration is required.