GEORGETOWN, Ky. — A yoga instructor in Georgetown has combined her two passions of beer and yoga into one, offering yoga lessons with a twist.

What You Need To Know

  • Beer Yoga creates a space for everyone to learn about yoga in a fun environment

  • Thomas uses her two passions to create one business 

  • Thomas says yoga helps release stresses and creates relaxation 

  • Cara Thomas has been an instructor since 2016 and also specializes in saxophone 

It’s called Beer Yoga, where yoga instructor Cara Thomas takes people through yoga poses with a beer in hand.  

“I always feel like beer takes us away from our egoic mind, which has a way of controlling things and not allowing us to feel free, curious and playful,” Thomas said.

Inside Country Boy Brewing, Thomas instructs a one hour class for the Georgetown community.

“You’ll hear machinery releasing air. And to me, that sounds like the letting go of the exhalation,” Thomas said.

Listening to the machinery, Thomas encourages people to release their own stresses, and said beer yoga creates that safe place for everyone.

“I’ve made a lot of close friends here over the years and the community is my support. And I like to feel like I’m a support for them too,” Thomas said.

Kevin Gunter said for the past three years, Beer Yoga has inspired movement in his life.

“The community, the fun, you know, we hang around. We have a beer, we talk afterwards, but it’s a serious yoga class. It will leave you tired, sometimes sweating,” Gunter said.

Through laughter and beer, Thomas said it’s a community she is glad to have, and encourages first time yogi’s to grab a beer and jump right in.

Cara Thomas teaches beer yoga every Tuesday night inside The Country Boy Brewing brewery in Georgetown, and always finishes the class with relaxing live music.