LOUISVILLE, Ky. — As Kentucky COVID-19 cases increase, Churchill Downs has partnered with the City of Louisville and Bluewater Diagnostic Laboratories to increase testing capabilities in Louisville, a location that can test up to 5,000 daily. 

What You Need To Know

  • Over the last 7 days, Louisville has logged over 16,000 new cases

  • Mayor Greg Fischer says testing has become a priority in the Louisville community

  • Churchill Downs will provide six lanes of testing

  • The new testing site will provide up to 5,000 tests daily


Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer said Jefferson County has seen record breaking numbers when it comes to COVID positive cases. Dr. Sarahbeth Hartlage, with Louisville Metro Department of Public Health says over the last 7 days, Louisville has logged over 16,000 new cases, making the testing positivity rate 32% 

“With the sheer number of new cases that we're recording, testing is once again taking the forefront of the needs in our community,” Fischer said.

Metro Louisville has partnered with Bluewater Diagnostic Lab to provide COVID-19 testing at Churchill Downs. Dina English with Bluewater says this new location will provide around 5,000 tests per day, returning results within 48-72 hours.

“From beginning to finish it was 36 minutes from them to pull in the line, get tested and pull out. I think that's pretty incredible considering this is our very first day and we got here at seven o'clock this morning and we probably had over 150 cars in line already before we could even plug in our electricity,” English said. 

Fischer says Churchill Downs will provide six lanes of testing. One for Louisville Metro staff, one for rapid antigen testing and four lanes for public testing.

The Mayor, Bluewater and the Health Department are encouraging people to use this new testing site to help slow down the spread of the virus.    

Dr. Hartlage says they plan to open more sites if the cases continue to rise but as of now Churchill Downs COVID-19 testing site will be open from 8 a.m. — 4:30 p.m., Monday through Saturday. Preregistration will be required.