LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Jefferson County Public Schools offered another vaccine clinic this weekend, this time aimed at ESL families, or families who speak English as a second language.

What You Need To Know

  • As of Friday, Jan. 7, JCPS had 3,000 positive COVID-19 cases in students 

  • JCPS offered a vaccine clinic aimed at ESL families on Saturday

  • The clinic was also open to other JCPS families looking to receive their vaccine or booster shot

Newcomer Academy was filled with Jefferson County Public School parents like Letecia Brooks on Saturday, eager to get her daughter vaccinated.

Letecia Brooks and her daughter waiting their 15 minutes after receiving the covid-19 vaccine. (Spectrum News 1/Erin Wilson)

“Everybody is getting sick right now. It was bad the first time around, I think it's worse the second time around and everyone is saying it's going to help so that's why we did it,” Brooks said.

The JCPS vaccine clinic was aimed at families who speak English as a second language. The district even provided interpreters for the six most common languages spoken within JCPS.

“We have a grant through the Kentucky Association of Health Plans who helped fund this so what we've been able to do is do outreach to all of the families that are enrolled in the English as a Second Language program,” Dr. Eva Stone, JCPS Health Manager said.

Stone said before the Thanksgiving holiday JCPS averaged 250-300 cases of COVID-19 in students and another 50 in adults. By the end of the day Friday, Jan. 7, Stone said JCPS had 3,000 positive students and 700 positive employees.

For Gretel Gongora, the clinic was a family affair. Gongora as well as her two sons both getting the shot of hope.

“At school they are kids so they don't know much about social distance so I'm trying to keep him as safe as I can and I know this is going to be a good option for him,” Gongora said.

It was a sign of relief for parents like Brooks.

“I'm very proud, she does pretty well with shots, she doesn't do too bad,” Brooks said. “I told her all the way here to be a big girl, it'll be for her own good, for her own safety and it's best that she gets it.”

As the new COVID-19 variant continues to spread, these families are taking steps to protect themselves and others.

“They're doing it on a Saturday and weekend and we can all come and get the vaccine and not have to miss work,” Gongora said. “Being a free vaccine is awesome too because some people can't pay for that and JCPS is always worried about the kids and the families and this is very very good.”

The vaccine clinic was also open to other JCPS families looking to receive their vaccine or booster shot.