BOWLING GREEN, Ky. — A group of Western Kentucky University students are showing off their creative skills displaying a fully virtual gallery of art entirely fill with augmented reality pieces. 

What You Need To Know

  • The virtual gallery consists of many pieces of art from STEM and other majors

  • This is the first ever fully virtual gallery that WKU has hosted

  • The plan is to make the gallery a consistent event

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The gallery was started by students Chris Dimeo, Madison Whittle, and Diego Diaz. Each student has their own unique passion for the arts as they turned their simple designs into a full fledged display. 

“We have all worked with augmented reality and virtual reality before," said Dimeo "We realized we could create a web app that people could use on their phone to sort of bring the gallery to life.”

They brought their gallery to life with multiple augmented reality posts accessed through QR codes on any smartphone. The group says they put this exhibit together in a weeks time and wanted to show how majors of all kinds could come together for a common cause. 

“A lot of us work in game design and cross disciplinary things," said Dimeo "That can really benefit people from different backgrounds so if we all work together this is a way to show off than collaboration.”

Diaz echoed those sentiments. 

"We all worked on different parts and models and illustrations so it was great to work with them.” said Diaz.

Whittle says that the group asked students from the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) program as well as other majors to submit pieces that were eventually created into virtual pictures. 

She says these pictures may not have otherwise have been seen.

“Everyone was represented from fine arts which is a typical art space to computer animation which doesn't get a chance to shine," said Whittle "Just seeing how excited everyone is was nice.”

Many students came to visit the gallery and the group says they plan to keep the virtual gallery going in the future.