LEXINGTON, Ky.— College students returning to campus at the University of Kentucky will have to be tested for the coronavirus before being able to live in the dorms.

What You Need To Know

  • University of Kentucky has special dorms for COVID-19 students

  • Dorms are for students who can't go home to recover

  • Meals will be provided and someone will check on students

  • UK taking other precautions for students going to classes

Any student that tests positive and cannot go back home, has an option to stay on campus in their quarantine dorms. These dorms are located on the far side of campus, where the students will be asked to stay throughout their time in quarantine. Food will be delivered to them three times a day to make sure they are staying fed. 

“Don't want the students to have to come over to risk exposure to staff and other students and you just want them to stay and do what they need to do to recuperate. Obviously, food is an important part of that ” Dining Partnership Executive Director, Scott Henry said. 

Each room will be thoroughly cleaned before and after the students are quarantined and as of right now have two living areas available for students on campus who test positive.

“Someone will be checking on you daily to make sure you know your symptoms, your temperature, checking to make sure that you're fine. Just making sure that you have everything you need while you were in that COVID positive housing.” Executive Director of Auxilary Services, Sarah Knikirk said.

In addition to the testing, students will have fever checkpoints at the entrances to academic buildings, one-way paths across campus, and require face masks in dining halls and classrooms.