LOUISVILLE, Ky. — The University of Louisville has stopped all team-related activities for its men's and women's soccer teams, field hockey, and volleyball squad after 29 members of the four teams tested positive for COVID-19.

What You Need To Know

  • 29 student athletes test positive for coronavirus

  • Activity suspended for en's soccer, women's soccer, field hockey, and volleyball

  • Exposure happened at off-campus party

  • Other student-athletes from other teams involved, but numbers didn't warrant suspension of activities

Other teammates and student-athletes from other sports were potentially exposed to the virus and will remain in quarantine while contact tracing is conducted. 

The school says exposure to the virus was traced to an off-campus party. Vice President/Director of Athletics Vince Tyra wouldn't say where the party happened, just that it was Saturday, August 1 at a housing area adjacent to campus. All student-athletes are educated about the dangers of large gatherings to themselves and others. Tyra said clearly the rules were not followed.

"Obviously the limit was ignored. You can see by the positive results there was more than 10." Tyra is referring to the statewide Executive Order from Governor Andy Beshear banning large gatherings to groups of 10 or less.

Other student-athletes from other sports programs on campus were also at the party, but Tyra said but due to numbers these were the four sports we suspended. Tyra wouldn't say what other programs had positive student-athletes, only that football was not one of them.

"They are young, they are on campus and they like seeing everyone. It is difficult. But just do the basics, there are some fundamentals that haven’t changed and we want to make sure they do that. Their courage got the best of them.”

Tyra met with the coaches Wednesday to discuss procedures and what can and will be done going forward. He also met with the student-athletes and said they realize the consequences of their actions. They were supposed to begin their competition season but now are sidelined with the virus. Tyra called them a somber and apologetic group.

UofL is making sure the positive athletes are taken care of and are making sure those who came in contact with them are in quarantine. Tyra said if student-athletes test positive again and fail to follow the protocols set in place by the university as well as local and state health directives, there will be consequences. He didn't give specifics but said each student-athlete has a code of conduct to follow with their teams, their coaches, and the university. If the conduct is detrimental the school can dismiss the athlete from campus.

Student-athletes from the four sports programs who haven't tested positive for the virus or haven't been identified through contact tracing are allowed to return to campus workouts beginning Monday, August 10 pending test results. The suspension of activities began Monday, August 3.