LEXINGTON, Ky. — After the first inmate housed within the Lexington Division of Community Corrections tested positive for coronavirus last week, Community Corrections announced 60 inmates have now tested positive for the virus. 

What You Need To Know

  • Lexington Division of Community Corrections reports 60 inmates test positive for coronavirus

  • Community Corrections announced first positive case last week

  • Positive case discovered in second housing unit

So far, Community Corrections has tested 227 inmates with 79 testing negative. Results are still pending for 88 inmates.

Among staff, 52 of whom have been tested, five tested positive while 17 tested negative. Results for 30 staff are pending.

The Division announced its first positive case last week after an inmate began showing symtpoms and received a test. The inmate was moved to medical isolation while other inmates in his unit were isolated.

Community Corrections also announced that an inmate in a second housing unit, separate from the first case, has tested positive for the virus. That inmate has been placed on isolation while his housing unit is on quarantine. All inmates in the same unit have been tested and are waiting for results.