SCOTT COUNTY, Ky. — While COVID-19 changes the educational landscape for kids, one program has found a way to communicate with elementary-age children about the virus.

Lash's Lessons, created by Jacki Clark, is a program based on Lash, a real-life gypsy horse that has been transformed into a character education program. His lessons focus on life skills, healthy choices, and friendship.


Lash with Alison Walker, owner of Spring Hill Stable, Georgetown, Ky


"Right now, in the world today, we are facing a lot of division and fear, stress, and it's very much affecting our young people," said Clark. " And we want them to still face the world with joy and happiness and anticipation of something wonderful happening for them."

Now, given the pandemic, Lash is a useful tool to communicate about the virus with children. 




"In this difficult, scary time with COVID, school is going to be starting back up. And there's so many unknowns, and I know that they're a little apprehensive about starting back to school, wearing masks and not being able to hug their friends," said Kathy Placier. "And Lash has come through yet again with a wonderful little message about it's okay to wear a mask and the real reason behind it."

His message? Wear masks, wash your hands, and most importantly, be a friend.

But the children who learn Lash's lessons aren't the only ones who find them valuable. Parents also appreciate the program. 

Parents also see the value behind Lash’s message to their children.




"We certainly talk lots at home about what's going on in the world and social distancing and wearing masks, but to have it reinforced in a positive atmosphere like this, in a positive, happy, fun atmosphere it's just so helpful to back up what we're already talking about at home," said Michele Frazer, whose child has participated in the program.