HARRISON COUNTY, Ky. — Thomas Ware is back to his work at the Ware Funeral Home after a whirlwind experience that resulted in him quarantining for nearly a week after falsely testing positive for COVID-19.

It was out of an abundance of caution for his family of seven and his co-workers that he got tested for coronavirus.

“I had some symptoms. It felt similar to the flu,” said Ware.

Ware found a facility that offered rapid COVID-19 tests. When his initial results returned he retreated to his family’s farm that was 30 miles away to quarantine in a camper.

While Ware was in quarantine, he heard about some of the inaccuracies with rapid testing results. Ware decided to get tested for coronavirus again.

“I did a blood test for antibodies and it came back negative,” said Ware.

Spectrum News 1 reached out to Abbott Laboratories for comment about COVID testing.

The company issued this statement:

“Rapid testing plays an important role in the battle against COVID-19 by detecting more positive cases than would otherwise be found so that treatment, quarantine, and contact tracing can begin immediately. The ID NOW COVID-19 rapid test is providing reliable results in 13 minutes or less with accuracy rates as high as 94.7 percent compared to lab-based PCR reference tests in the acute phase of the illness.”

Ware shared his story because he wants people to get tested especially in order to protect the people they love.

“Biggest thing that I want to carry forward from this situation is, if you have symptoms or if you feel bad there’s nothing wrong with being tested,” said Ware. “If you feel that the test is inaccurate, there’s nothing wrong with getting a secondary test for approval."