COVINGTON, Ky. — A Northern Kentucky city is supporting businesses in their efforts to remain open.

The city of Covington is posting signs in area businesses to remind customers to continue wearing masks.

The signs mirror the concept ‘no shoes, no shirt, no service’ and during the pandemic, that concept has evolved to ‘no mask, no service.'

“It’s safety. We like the graphics. I think they’re really well done. They’re approachable for people to see,” said Vic Hugo who owns Crafts and Vines with his wife.

They’re one of the several businesses in Covington with the blue posters on doors and windows.

It’s part of the city's "#Recover Covington" campaign, “No Mask, No Service.”

This campaign is not only about keeping health and safety in mind, but the city adds it’s about restaurants and bars' economic survival.

“Putting the posters up and but more importantly enforcing the rules help keep our staff safe, help keep us safe and help keep the other customers safe,” Hugo said.

He said, overall, there haven’t been any issues, but perhaps a handful of people who may forget to wear the mask.

“Emotionally, you never want customers to leave, but you also want customers to respect what you value as a business as well,” Hugo said. “So we’re always polite. We do have customers from time-to-time not wearing a mask, and we assume that they forgot and almost all the time it is that they forgot.”

For those situations, Hugo has a stack of masks ready to hand out.

While enforcement of mask-wearing falls under local health departments, Covington says they want to do their part to remind people of safe practices to continue reopening.