GEORGETOWN, Ky. — The Scott County Detention Center is locked down for the next two weeks after the jailer posted on social media saying that his facility is experiencing a COVID-19 outbreak.

What You Need To Know

  • Scott County jail has COVID-19 positive inmates

  • Jail will not accept new prisoners for the next two weeks

  • Anyone arrested in Scott County will be transported to other county jails

Scott County Jailer Derran Broyles posted on the jail's Facebook page Sunday that his facility has multiple inmates who have been infected with COVID-19 and as a result, this detention center will not be accepting any new arrests for at least two weeks

Broyles also shared in his Facebook that over the last several months, his staff has worked for months to keep COVID-19 out of the jail.

And now, the jailer plans to add additional safety protocols including quarantining of infected inmates and those inmates exposed to but not yet showing symptoms from other inmates at the jail. Because of this action, the jailer also adds that there are no additional safe spaces for any new arrests.

Anyone arrested in Scott County during the next 14 days will be taken to another nearby county jail.