ERLANGER, Ky. — An Erlanger woman's list of sewing items is long.

“I have sewn clothing, car seats,” said Vera Sizemore, who’s also sewn police vests and doll hats.

For more than two decades, Sizemore has used fabric to create clothes.

But it wasn't until three months ago that Sizemore refound her purpose.

“Well we started just for the family at first and then we decided that maybe we could sell some and we really didn’t want to sell them, we wanted to give them away but the demand for them was too high,” Sizemore said.

That demand is for cloth masks.

“It didn’t lull until the first part of June and now it’s starting to pick up again. We’ve got orders ready to go,” Sizemore said.

The Erlanger woman sews masks for those not only locally in Northern Kentucky such as a dentist office, but most orders she gets are from those in Texas and Florida.

“Because there are more outbreaks of the coronavirus and people are concerned for their well being,” Sizemore said.

With the coronavirus numbers increasing, at least 30 states have taken steps to require people to wear masks and as a result, the at-home sewers like Sizemore are working around the clock to fill orders.

“Well, it kind of breaks my heart that I can’t give them away and then I can’t provide them for hospitals cuz we’re only a two-band show here, so it would take — we just can’t do it with two people,” Sizemore said.

The two-member team is gearing up for the holidays making themed masks.

Sizemore said she has also started making masks for kids as they get ready to return to school.