JEFFERSONVILLE, In. — Amazon has gained a lot of attention in recent months as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded.

Now, in a rare look inside, Amazon offered an exclusive tour of one of their facilities to show the safety measures put in place. 

Each employee, as they enter, gets scanned to take their temperature by a thermal imaging system before moving on. 

“Over the course of the last 8 weeks, we’ve made multiple changes over 150 changes in the building across the network to support not just social distancing but the health and well being of all of our associates,” said Matt Pulley, general manager of the facility located in Southern Indiana.

Pulley explained several changes made to employees’ workflow and the new protocols put in place.

There are numerous water hand-washing stations, hand sanitizer stands, and more distribution of PPE available for employee use. Pulley also showed how they’ve strategically rearranged the cafeteria to create space between employees during breaks.

Amazon says from April to June, they are investing nearly $4 billion as part of the COVID-19 initiatives to keep employees safe.

“Enhanced cleaning since where we were before to now, enhanced cleaning are going throughout the building. We are taking that very seriously. You saw that we got associates reallocated to be able to do,” Pulley said.

He said outside vendors come in three times a week to do deep cleans with disinfecting sprays and with each confirmed case, Amazon also notifies the employees.

Amazon said each employee diagnosed with COVID-19 will receive up to two weeks of paid time off.

“There’s other changes that are less obvious, like staggering of shifts. You know, we use to have two main start times for our teams, now we’ve got five times to help spread out people coming in the building and exiting the building. That way we don’t see congestion,” Pulley said.

Amazon says they’ve hired more than 1,700 new employees in Kentucky in the past few weeks. 

Since March, they’ve hired more than 175,000 employees impacted with job loss or on furlough across the nation.