LOUISVILLE, Ky. —  Doctors describe organ donations as one of the most selfless acts a person can commit. But donations of kidneys are overwhelmingly given after death. One healthy Kentucky woman who donated celebrated that milestone and much more.

On Thursday, Beth Burbridge threw a surprise party for doctors and nurses with UofL Health. on the first anniversary of her kidney donation. The group also celebrated the passage of Kentucky House Bill 46, which provides 240 hours of paid leave for organ donors and 40 hours for bone marrow donors. They hope this will encourage more people to donate.

"Being a living organ donor is one of the most fantastic things that I’ve ever done," Burbridge said. She remains close with her kidney receipient and their family.

"It’s great to see her up and around and really continuing to do the advocacy that she’s been on board with since the beginning," Dylan Adamson, MD, added. 

Adamson worked with Burbridge in advocating for HB46, and said he testified before the legislature.

Adamson estimates about 20% of kidney donors give while they’re still alive. HB46 passed, this spring, through the Kentucky House and Senate, unanimously.