Summer is not here yet, but it is on the horizon along with the warmer weather.

Much of the Commonwealth will continue to deal with spring-like temperatures this week before the summer heat arrives next week.

What You Need To Know

  • Temperatures will soar well above average next week

  • Parts of the state could see highs reach near and into the 90s midweek

  • The warmer weather is likely to stick around

A significant warming pattern will take hold next week. As we head into late spring, the cooler days will continue to become more seldom, as warmer air from traveling up from the south continues to push temperatures up on a more consistent basis.

Next week is expected to bring temperatures that are above average for Kentucky.

Instead of seeing the 60s and 70s, get ready to see highs reach well into the 80s and even into the lower 90s across the Ohio Valley by the middle of next week.