Gubernatorial candidate Adam Edelen wants to take money of out of politics.

The Democrat announced his "ACT Lobbyist Reforms" package Monday that aims at bringing more accountability, clarity and transparency to state government. 

The reform package tackles three things. First, Accountability, by ending the revolving door of Kentucky politics by banning former lawmakers from becoming a lobbyist until three years after leaving office. Currently, the ban is one year. 

Next, Clarity. It would require lobbyists show which bills and amendments they are supporting and opposing. 

Finally, Transparency. It would create an electronic filing system for Kentucky citizens to search monthly detailed filing reports from lobbyists, much like how campaign finance reports are searchable on the Kentucky Registry of Finance website. 

"I want to be clear, lobbyists outnumber lawmakers 15 to 1 in Kentucky," said Edelen. "We wonder why legislators aren't being more responsive to the concerns of regular folks." 

Edelen's announcement comes on the heels of the Kentucky Legislative Ethics Commission January report which showed companies spent a record breaking $2.2 million on lobbying efforts during the first month of session, surpassing the previous record for an odd-year session. The 2018 General Assembly session also saw record breaking numbers with companies spending $23.1 million on lobbying efforts.  

Edelen says these reforms would apply to the Executive Branch as well.