FRANKFORT-- Fed up with men trying to control women's' bodies, Representative Mary Lou Marzian is filing a floor amendment to Representative Joe Fischer's abortion bill. 

Fischer's bill, HB 148, would ban all abortion in the Commonwealth should Roe v. Wade be overturned. 

Marzian's amendment says all women of childbearing age must get a notarized statement from the doctor monthly, stating if they are pregnant or not. Any woman who doesn't give that paper to the Cabinet of Heath and Family services can be fined or arrested. If CHFS finds a pregnant woman doesn't turn in her paper, she is to be fitted with an ankle monitor for her pregnancy.

The amendment was filed in jest, but the Democrat from Louisville says the thought behind it is real. 

Marzian said, “I’m filing an amendment number one, because it’s such hypocrisy, and number two, to demonstrate; if they want government in your life, which a lot of these folks say we want less government, then we’ll have it in your life…"

She continued, "Oh, they get the point, and they just disagree. They agree that they should be involved in personal private medical decisions. And, a lot of it is for their reelections, they think they’re so holy and sanctimonious, and then some are just, some are anti-choice. But again, it’s a personal, private medical decision"

While HB 148 won't impact people in the Commonwealth unless Roe v. Wade is overturned, the General Assembly has other abortion related bills it is considering. The American Civil Liberties Union has said that they will take abortion bills to court, costing the Commonwealth thousands in legal feeds. To that Marzian said, "I wish they’d stop it and focus on the real needs of Kentucky citizens.  We have so many needs of folks that are disabled, our public education system is underfunded, so absolutely, but they don’t care. These Republicans, and a lot of conservatives, do not care about the unconstitutionally, so I’m calling it- I’m going to file an amendment, to call it the tax-payer funded, Planned Parenthood and ACLU bill.”

House Bill 148 passed the House without the Floor Amendment and will go to the Senate.