FRANKFORT- Kentucky Treasurer Allison Ball,R-Kentucky, announced support for the launch of Kentucky's Financial Empowerment Commission. 

House Bill 139, the Financial Empowerment Commission bill, would provide support to educators teaching financial literacy and would be funded through private donations. Rep. Jim DuPlessis, R-Elizabethtown, is the lead sponsor.  The commission would develop and implement plans to improve the financial literacy of Kentuckians. 

"This will create the Financial Empowerment Commission, so that way these kids can get the program, or course they need to be financially literate when they graduate," said Treasurer Ball. "It will also provide opportunities for other people in other sectors to be financially literate, because we need this all over Kentucky in a variety of areas."

The Kentucky Credit Union League and Kentucky's credit unions will be funding the Financial Empowerment Commission. The funding from credit unions helps ensure that the duties of the commission can be fulfilled. 

“Improving the financial literacy of Kentuckians has always been a priority of Kentucky credit unions,” Kentucky Credit Union League President Debbie Painter said. “We are proud to continue our partnership with Treasurer Ball by supporting the Financial Empowerment Commission.”

This commission goes in hand with legislation passed last year that made a financial literacy course or program a high school graduation requirement. 

House Bill 139 is in the House State Government Committee.