LEXINGTON, Ky. — It’s been several months since Spectrum News 1 introduced a business owner out of Lexington’s Julietta Market who changed his life after addiction.

What You Need To Know

  • Several businesses moved after the partnership with the former bus transportation center turned indoor market Greyline Station ended

  • Sly Noel moved his business and is expanding

  • Noel has partnered with a barbershop

Sly “The Oil Guy” Noel says his customers can still find him at Greyline Station where he’s still putting together dozens of essential oil-based perfumes, but he’s now stationed in a storefront.

That’s because he’s teamed up to work alongside Andre Kean at his barbershop.

“One of the big attractions for Dre to come into the storefront was so people could come from the street. And it’s awesome because people see us through the window and they know we’re here and they come right on in and it is so convenient for them,” Noel said.

Noel says they both are from urban backgrounds outside of Kentucky and started with booths at the Julietta Market, which was originally a Greyline Station.

The two say that Black-owned barbershops in their hometown are inclusive places with cultural elements, making it more than a place to cut hair. 

“This is a vibe that we’re accustomed to. Dre and I are accustomed to being from the northeast in our neighborhoods. We’ve always had the barbershop where everybody met up and collaborated and, you know, talked trash,” Noel explained. “And also, we’ve always had the oil spot where we get the essentials. We get the soaps, the black soaps, the shea butter and the fragrant oils.”

Kean says he’s always had a passion for barbering and took it on as a career while balancing jobs and personal challenges.

“You know, that’s going to bring a different dynamic in a barbershop. You know, it’s going to be a one-stop shop,” Kean said.

He opened his spot at Julietta Market in 2022 and has since trained new and upcoming barbers to earn their certifications. Kean says he has plans to expand his efforts to the Lexingtons community. He says in the next year he plans to open a mobile outreach barbering business for the homeless community.  

Andre Kean is the owner of Dre’s Barbershop at GreyLine Station in Lexington. (Spectrum News 1/Sabriel Metcalf)

At the moment, he, Noel, and their partner Rachel, who helps cater to women’s hair care, are forging a new environment. 

“The oil guy, you got the guy that has the music, you know, so you just want to combine that atmosphere, you know, here in Kentucky, where a lot of people have never seen that before and back home is normal,” Kean said.

Noel has spent several years as an entrepreneur since coming to Kentucky and being in recovery from an addiction. 

“At one point I could only dream about it, but going through recovery and getting my life back together and everything falling into place is right now I’m living the dreams that I had and it’s awesome. It’s a beautiful thing.” Noel said. 

He says reaching goals like this is proof of his hope and faith coming together. 

Noel is a New Jersey native and now a long-term Lexington resident with two other thriving businesses in things he’s passionate about.