LEXINGTON, Ky. — Virginia Cox has been both a formal and informal caregiver. That’s someone who is either paid or unpaid to help care for individuals with unique circumstances, such as aging or disabilities. 

What You Need To Know

  • November is National Caregivers Month

  • Virginia Cox has been both a formal and informal caregiver in her life. Now she works with Home Instead to provide care for aging seniors in Lexington
  • Caregivers are often tasked with helping support individuals in their regular schedules
  • The AARP says there are 6.1 million adults in the nation who were caregivers for someone 18 to 49 years old

She says she’s always found herself helping her own loved ones and friends. “I cared for my parents, friends, parents’ friends. And then I started becoming a caregiver at Home Instead and I met even more wonderful people,” Cox explained. 

That was when she was in California. Now she’s stationed in Lexington among a team of caregivers with Home Instead, an assisted senior at-home care agency.

Cox has been a caregiver with the company for nearly three years. For the last two, she has cared for Lois Stratton, a wife, mother and former interior designer with stories of her own. Stratton is 101 years old.

Cox is one of over 40 million caregivers in the nation over the last decade, according to the AARP.

Their routine includes tending to Stratton’s home care, engaging in different activities like piano playing, and other forms of companionship. These kinds of activities help aging seniors live safer and more comfortably day to day.

“Everyone in this building was invited up for a party at the penthouse. I got off at 4:00, but I came back to take Ms. Stratton up there so we could enjoy the fireworks until midnight,” Cox shared. 

Cox says she enjoys helping people and families like Stratton’s. She says it’s always been in her nature to care and value other lives.  

“I encourage people to become caregivers for families, for friends, for just for other people. It helps to bring out compassion and caring,” she explained. “And you learn so much about other people’s lives.” She says that is what’s most significant about her job.