LOUISVILLE, Ky. — It’s no secret that small businesses, especially restaurants, can often run on tight budgets and slim margins. In today’s economy, it means they deserve all the support they can get.

What You Need To Know

  • The 365 Eats Initiative is a marketing and advertising campaign aimed at Louisville restaurants 

  •  It encourages people to come out and buy a meal from them on a particular day

  •  The goal of this is for the business to raise over $1,000 in a day

  • Businesses featured so far hit that goal 

In a mission to offer that support at no cost, the 365 Eats initiative was born.

“It takes a community to advocate for this program in order for it to be successful so so far so good, Louisville y’all doing a good job, keep up the good work,” Deja Downey, co-founder of 365 Eats initiative said.

The new program from Vision Group Marketing and Consulting highlights locally owned restaurants, promotes their business online and encourages people to support them on a specific day by buying a meal, called $1000 Thursdays.


“We was the first restaurant to do the 365 Initiative and it was a success, “George Anthony Pumphrey Sr., owner of Summa Dis, Summa Dat & More said.

Pumphrey’s restaurant, in the Russell neighborhood, was the first location to be featured. After a career working in food, Pumphrey went out on his own in 2019. He’ll celebrate the restaurant’s four-year anniversary this July.

He says he’s thankful for the 365 Eats initiative, which intends to help a new restaurant each week through the end of the year.

Deja Downey is the co-founder of 365 Eats initiative (Spectrum News 1/Mason Brighton)
Deja Downey is the co-founder of 365 Eats initiative (Spectrum News 1/Mason Brighton)

“Oh my goodness, the importance of helping the restaurants here in Louisville is to help build sustainability and last but not least, help them drive customers and build that advocacy within the customer base here,” Downey said.

For Pumphrey, that community support keeps the lights on. Something he doesn’t take for granted.

Eventually, Pumphrey plans to have his restaurant be a training ground for future cooks, where they can learn the basics before continuing in their careers. He also wants to make significant improvements to the corner where he’s located, West Jefferson and 26th Street.

Both goals will require love and patronage from his community.

“You can’t put a price on, you can’t put a price tag on love because you get so much of it,” Pumphrey said.

The 365 Eats initiative also featured Chicago’s Jerk Tacos, located across the street from the Norton’s Sports and Learning Center in West Louisville.

Aaron Williams, the eatery’s owner, says he’s glad to be taking part in this opportunity. “It’s a one-day event, but we build customers for a lifetime for sure.”

Restaurants interested in joining the 365 Eats Initiative are asked to reach out to the new program through their website.