LEXINGTON, Ky. — Lexington is helping open doors for those who could use help to get a second chance in society.

What You Need To Know

  • April is National Second Chance Month, and Lexington intends to make that happen for felons

  • The city is hosting its second expungement clinic and fair for non-violent felony holders

  • Goodwill Industries, the Lexington Public library and Legal Aid of the Bluegrass are a few co-partners helping connect people to support

  • On April 28, the clinic will run from 10 to 1 p.m., and the job fair from 10 to 3 p.m.

It’s another year of second chances in the city and they are partnering with Goodwill and more to bring the “clean slate Lexington expungement clinic and job fair” back to the Central Bank Center.

This opportunity gives Lexington’s non-violent felony holders a chance to transition away from a criminal record that would prevent them from earning certain income and regular essentials for surviving. 

Lexington’s equity and implementation officer, Tiffany Brown, says, “Expungements help get people to work.” Brown operates programs like this for the city.

She believes without them, someone with a felony could miss out on life necessities like housing — something she says is a possibility in Lexington.

“It also affects housing.” Brown explained. “If you try to get public housing and you have a certain criminal conviction, it will disqualify you from public housing, which is affordable in our city.” 

Brown said they sometimes struggle a lot harder when seeking higher education and those who are supporting their families.

“It also disqualifies you from financial aid. And if you’re seeking higher education, it can affect every aspect of a family’s life and their economic mobility,” Brown said. 

The expungement event is expected to feature a job fair and clinic introducing individuals to education resources, career training, and more.

There will also be help with any lawful concerns from legal aids. 

Robert Johns, with Legal Aid of the Bluegrass, said they’re excited to help folks at the event.

“We will also have numerous volunteer private attorneys who will join us as well, donating their time to hopefully serve the hundreds of folks that we will encounter,” Johns said.

Brown says ultimately the goal is to bring people with felonies back into a functioning society. 

“Removing those barriers that would stop folks from entering into certain areas and being successful and productive members of our community,” Brown said. 

Brown also says while the event has a mission to help those interested, it is something families can join as well as supporters of these individuals’ journeys.

Partners of the event, the Lexington Public Library staff will also help form resumes and with any application processes.