Kentucky — The city of Memphis released footage of Tyre Nichols' arrest Friday evening. The video footage is incredibly disturbing and contains strong language, viewer discretion is advised.

Nichols, a 29-year-old Black man, died three days after a confrontation with Memphis police officers. The five officers, who are all Black, were charged with second-degree murder and other crimes on Thursday.

Here's how some Kentucky politicians, police departments and others responded to the video's release:,

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear:

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear tweetet out a statement on Saturday, saying that, "The loss of Tyre Nichols is a tragedy, and the senseless acts of violence that took his life must be condemned."

Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg:

Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg responded soon after the video's release, saying that the footage was sickening. He added, "My heart breaks for Tyre Nichols' family, the people of Memphis and our nation." 

State Rep. Keturrah Heron (D-Louisville):

State Rep. Keturrah Heron said in a tweet, "We learned a long time ago there is more to the story. This is beyond shameful."

Former U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth (D-3rd District):

Former U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth, who stepped down from Congress in January, said the incident was "infuriating," adding, "We cannot let these events become normalized." 

Louisville Metro Police Department:

The Louisville Metro Police Department, which is currently under federal investigation by the Department of Justice, issued its own statement. In it, the department said it wished to make it "abundantly clear that this agency is committed to equitable policing that balances the mission of upholding public safety with preserving and respecting the rights of Louisville's residents and visitors." 

Lexington Police Chief Lawrence Weathers:

Lexingtion Police Chief Lawrence Weathers issued a statement through the Lexington Police Department social media. Weathers said, in part, "Once again, I find myself saddened and angered by the acts of those who had sworn to protect and serve. The cold, callous and inhumane actions displayed by the former Memphis Police Department officers have cause even more damage to a profession that I have dedicated my life to." 

Kentucky Fairness Campaign:

The Kentucky Fairness Campaign, an LGBTQ civil rights organization, said that it was another example of "violent injustice of an unjust policing system that isn't broken — it repeatedly does what it was designed to do." 


This is a developing story that will be updated with new information. 


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