BOWLING GREEN, Ky. — Many members of the Bowling Green community marched to honor the life and impact of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on Monday.

What You Need To Know

  • Many members of the Bowling Green community marched in his honor of Martin Luther King Jr. 

  • The march was followed by a indoor celebration with music

  • Jonesville Academy Scholars and Black Male Scholars were honored as the 2023 humanitarian award recipients

“When we are celebrating Martin Luther King’s birthday, we are observing basically that equality and dream,” commissioner Carlos Bailey said.  

A Bowling Green native and attorney working with racial injustice and employment discrimination, Bailey marched today with his family. He wanted to show his daughters the effect King had on future generations. 

“Today, you just get to march, and don’t have to worry about the hoses and dogs coming for you just because you want to exist as a human being,” Bailey said.

And Felicia Bland, the 2023 Chair of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Planning Committee, said many community members marched in the spirit of unity. 

“[We march to] not worry that we will be condemned for what we believe or the color of our skin. So we are matching today in the spirit of unity and the spirit of brotherhood,” Bland said.  

When the Grand Marshalls arrived at State Street Baptist Church, it was time to continue the celebration with music. Fifteen-year-old choir member Tahlia Spencer appreciated the value music has when remembering King. 

“People understand music and people get together by music, so a lot of people will understand where we’re coming from if they listen to music,” Spencer said.