MAYFIELD, Ky. — Mayfield Mayor Kathy Stewart O’Nan now conducts city business in a former gym, south of downtown. Photos of the last year cover her desk and a sign for the city rests on the floor. Her office shares the space with code enforcement, and other city departments are spread across different buildings. 

What You Need To Know

  • The city of Mayfield is preparing to remember one year since a deadly tornado struck the town

  • Mayor Kathy Stewart O'Nan says residents are still in need of housing

  • The mayor is working out of a temporary space south of downtown but says offices will return to the downtown area

  • "Celebration of Hope - We Will Remember" is scheduled for 2:30 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 10 at the Graves County High School gym

It’s part of what O’Nan assures is a temporary arrangement, following a deadly tornado that devastated the city one year ago. “The city owns the block that our property was on,” she said. “We are going to rebuild right back on that block.”

With most of the debris cleared away, O’Nan said she knows how empty it looks.

Families in Mayfield are still in need of new homes. “We need housing and that’s being worked on, and we hope that continues to grow as it has been,” said O’Nan. “We feel very fortunate that so many people are back in a home, knowing that there are still so many that need to be.” 

Her focus this weekend will be on the 24 lives lost in Graves County. “That’s my main goal is to surround these people, and let them know that amidst the rebuilding and the excitement of that, their family members have not been forgotten, so I hope when we leave that service Saturday afternoon, that we usher in a feeling of peace throughout this Christmas,” O’Nan said. “Nobody in this community had a normal Christmas last year.” 

As part of that event, the county and city will also recognize all who have helped Mayfield and look forward to the future with hope, she said.

“Celebration of Hope - We Will Remember” is scheduled for 2:30 p.m., Saturday, Dec. 10 at the Graves County High School gym.