LOUISVILLE, Ky. — There’s a new resource available for Kentuckians working to overcome their battle with addiction. 

What You Need To Know

  • A new website was launched to help Kentuckians working to overcome their battle with addiction.

  • FindRecoveryHousingNowKY.org is a free, confidential and searchable website that can help those battling addiction find resources

  • Users can narrow their search by location, rent amount and more

FindRecoveryHousingNowKY.org is a free website that launched Wednesday and is a resource for people undergoing treatment for a substance use disorder.

“It’s very much like the concept of looking for an apartment,” Deborah Jennings, business office manager at Beacon House, said. “You have all the different amenities, all the different requirements you may have.”

In this case, the website generates a list of Kentucky recovery houses with immediate openings. Users are confidential and can locate safe and affordable options and can narrow their search by location, rent amount, amenities, services, residence requirements, transportation options and more.

An addition Beacon House business office manager, Deborah Jennings says is crucial. “Being able to see that in a general area, in one website and all the different, is this going to fit for me, does it meet all my needs will help individuals advocate for themselves,” Jennings said.

Beacon House is just one of 60 recovery houses currently listed on the site.

Gov. Andy Beshear and representatives from the Kentucky Injury Prevention and Research Center hosted an event to highlight the launch of the website.

“Whether it’s their first try, second try, third try, fourth try, fifth try, as long as our people are trying, we are here to support them and we’re going to do everything we can to get them better,” Beshear said.

With a background in IT, Jennings played a part in the development of the website.

“Well, what we are hoping is that we will be able to serve more people, we are hoping that we get people that understand a little better what they’re coming into because the website does give a lot of information about the house, that will give us a better rate of success,” Jennings said.

Beacon House in Louisville can serve up to 50 men.

For more information on available beds and other recovery houses visit https://www.findrecoveryhousingnowky.org/