LA GRANGE, Ky. — Kindness can be found in more ways than one throughout the city of La Grange and Avery Leveritt is living proof. 

What You Need To Know

  • Alley Loop in downtown La Grange is transforming alleys into a place to visit

  • Avery Leveritt creating a mural as part of Alley Loop

  • ”Whispers of Kindness” is a mural painted by Leveritt to inspire others to be kind

“That is just one thing that I love to do, especially in my community and just anywhere really is just sharing kindness wherever I go,” Leveritt said.

The Oldham County High School senior wanted to find a way to be a part of the town that raised her. 

That’s when Leveritt decided to join Alley Loop, a volunteer-based project to transform alleys into a place to visit.

Avery Leveritt paints "seek the good in all you see" as part of Alley Loop kindness mural. (Spectrum News 1/Erin Wilson)

“Being a part of the alley loop means that I can make a connection with my community in more than one way rather than just living in it,” Leveritt said. “This means I can share my artistic abilities and share my love for painting in the town.”

Leveritt is now getting the chance to do that while sharing her talent with a mural entitled “Whispers of Kindness.”

Her inspirationcomes from asking community members, businesses and classmates “what does kindness mean to you?”

“There’s going to be quotes in every single stripe, all 117 of them and these words are going to represent what kindness means to you as a community member or a person,” Leveritt said.

Her goal is to make artwork that will speak for itself when finished, but for now, she hopes to leave the community with one message.

“Inspiration is what I plan to promote in everyone who sees this because not a lot of people in the world are kind but if they have daily reminders such as this one it could really change a community and how they live and act,” Leveritt said.

Avery Leveritt hopes to be half-way completed with the mural by Oct. 8, at the first Alley Loop Festival.