HIGHLAND HEIGHTS, Ky. — September is Hunger Action Month. FUEL NKU Program Coordinator Nick Bliven said that’s something Feeding America recognizes. At Northern Kentucky University, Bliven said FUEL NKU operates to help make sure students have the basic essentials like food and toiletry items. He said typically 80 people a day could come through to take advantage of these items on campus. But this semester, he’s noticing higher number counts. 

What You Need To Know

  • September is Hunger Action Month

  • It’s a Feeding America initative to shine a light on the importance of giving people everyday essentials.

  • FUEL NKU operates 5 days a week at Northern Kentucky University to help feed students and supply them with basic essentials

  • FUEL NKU officials have said they’ve noticed an uptick in students showing up to grab some items

“It’s every day — we’re noticing closer to 150 students per day,” Bliven said.

Fruit, pantry items, and toiletry items can be found at FUEL NKU’s pantry. The pantry operates five days a week during set hours. Bliven said they take donations and have partnerships, such as one with Kroger, that help stock their shelves so students can come grab some of these items and not break the bank at the grocery store.

“Inflation is affecting everyone,” he said.

Logan Lutkenhoff is a student who said she comes through about once a week now. She likes the convenience of the pantry’s setup. “The fact that it’s free and also that I don’t have to go anywhere. It’s just on campus. It just makes it easy to get the things I need,” she said.

Bliven said he knows how tough it can be to navigate classes and other life happenings outside of an NKU classroom.

“Everybody struggles — you’re going to school full time, you’re trying to have a social life, you’re trying to work a little bit to make ends meet. You shouldn’t have to worry about food. You shouldn’t have to worry about getting shampoo or a toothbrush,” he said.

More information on FUEL NKU can be found by heading to their website