FLORENCE, Ky. — Gail McAdams and others gathered Friday night, on Women’s Equality Day. McAdams is a former educator and said Aug. 26, 1920, was the day women gained the right to vote. 

What You Need To Know

  • Community members gathered Friday night on Women’s Equality Day

  • The day honors Aug. 26, 1920 when the 19th amendment granted women the right to vote

  • Community members say they’re encouraging people to vote “no” on Amendment 2

  • Amendment 2, if passed, would put barriers on abortions

“I’m calling the 19th amendment today ‘the unfinished revolution,’ and that we’re here to finish that message,” McAdams said.

She and Holly Comer worked alongside others to protest on Women’s Equality Day at the Florence Community Plaza. McAdams said they’re fighting for women’s health and women’s rights. They’re registering people to vote because a significant piece of legislature is on the ballot in November. 

Women rally in Florence to vote "no" on Amendment 2 in November. (Spectrum News 1/Katie Forcade)

“Get people registered to vote and get people to vote no on Amendment 2,” McAdams said.

Amendment 2 is something Kentuckians vote on in November concerning abortions. Comer said if passed, options are taken from anyone bearing a child.

“That means abortion is completely illegal in the state of Kentucky. There will be no exceptions — no exceptions for rape and incest,” Comer said.

McAdams said they will stand together and they will come out to vote no. The goal is to spread a message: “Women aren’t going to stand for this. We are human beings, and we have a right to choose what we do with our bodies. Period!” Comer said.

They said they’ll continue to keep an eye on lawmaking in the Commonwealth and will speak up and stand up for what they believe in.