GEORGETOWN, Ky. — A Lexington Sculptor is taking a 100-year-old tree trunk and carving it into a memorial for the late embattled race horse, Medina Spirit. 

What You Need To Know

  • Lexington Sculptor is creating a piece out of an old tree

  • The sculpture will be a tribute to Medina Spirit

  • The sculptor is hoping to finish the project by the end of the month

  • The piece will be by the entrance of Old Friends Farm in Georgetown 

For nearly 13 years, Kiptoo Tarus has sculpted unique structures around the state. 

“Sometimes it’s something else, different medium you know, sometimes they work on metal, sometimes they work on ceramics,” Tarus said.

And this time, he’s using a 100-year-old dying tree stump in the entrance of Old friend’s Farm in Georgetown. 

“Start again with the lines, drawing the lines and following it with the chainsaw,” Tarus said as he explained his process.

The sculpture will be in honor of the Medina Spirit. 

“It’s really humbling to be able to actually know… like Medina Spirit is a great horse and, you know, [I was] tasked to capture the essence of Medina Spirit,” Tarus said.

A tribute Michael Blowen with Old Friends Farm says will be one of a kind.

“Like our own Mount Rushmore right there on Paynes Depot Road,” Blowen said.

Carving one piece at a time, Tarus says it’s been a humbling experience for his career.

“It’s quite humbling and also, I’m excited to be able to be the one executing it,” Tarus said.

Tarus hopes the horse will give off a positive vibration to everyone who may come and visit. Tarus started the sculpture last week and hopes to have the structure completely finished by the end of the month.