HOPKINSVILLE, Ky. — A Kentucky judge has been suspended with pay following testimony that he pressured a lawyer practicing in his court to support his reelection campaign. 

What You Need To Know

  • Circuit Judge James Jameson is suspended

  • Three allegations are related to Jameson’s creation of a corrections panel and his involvement with an ankle monitoring program

  • A fourth allegation says Jameson pressured attorneys and others to support his 2022 political campaign.

  • He is suspended with pay until a final decision is reached on the charges

The Kentucky Judicial Conduct Commission voted 3-2 on Friday to suspend 42nd Judicial Circuit Judge James Jameson.

The daylong hearing included testimony from an attorney that Jameson repeatedly asked to support his reelection campaign. Jameson was also accused of unbecoming conduct.

The panel viewed a number of videos showing Jameson’s courtroom demeanor and use of his contempt power. Jameson testified on his own behalf, at one point telling commissioners they were being used for political purposes. 

During his suspension, Judge Jameson will not appear at the Marshall County or Calloway County Judicial Centers.  He will remain suspended until a final decision is reached on all the charges against him.  You can see all of the information in the court documents.