WILMORE, Ky. — Students from Asbury University have been working alongside Hollywood actors over the last few weeks. 

What You Need To Know

  • The mayor of Wilmore gave out keys to the city on Friday to some students of Asbury University

  • Communication students from Asbury University have been able to work alongside Hollywood actors and crews

  • There are roughly 20 students and alumni working on the filming of this new series

  • The new series is called Destination Heaven

On Friday Liam Chesser, a senior at Asbury University, was just one of the many to receive a key to the city, a once in a lifetime opportunity. “It’s pretty special,” he said.

“It is super cool and I do count myself as extremely blessed to have an opportunity to work with, you know, just a great cast and a great crew so yeah I mean it’s awesome,” Chesser said.

Chesser is one of nearly 20 students and alumni who make up half of the crew shooting a new Anthology Series called Destination Heaven.

“I’m the guy who’s got that little clapper thing and I say, you know the scene, two dash three alpha, take one. Marker and I clap the board,” Chesser said.

Giving Chesser an opportunity to work alongside cast members that include Hollywood actors like Harry Lennix. 

“It’s great working with students. This is the future. This is how it works both in Hollywood and at the university level, but the real idea is I love the old idea of apprenticeships and mentors and all that. And this is very much on display here,” Lennix said.

Like Lennix, fellow actor Doug Jones said this partnership with the university has a personal meaning behind it. 

“My grandfather was vice president here, and he actually went to school here as a student and worked his way up through administration,” Jones said.

Jones said he has visited Asbury and Wilmore multiple times throughout the years and is grateful for the partnership to make an impact on these students.

“I love the merging of both my worlds, my professional world as an actor and my family world and my own personal history,” Jones said.

And Chesser said he’s grateful for the huge blessings he has found in his small community of Wilmore.