GEORGETOWN, Ky. — On a warm summer day, what treat is better than ice cream? Especially when that ice cream is free. Kara Harris was behind a recent ice cream social at Suffoletta Park that helped raise awareness for the thing that took her daughter's life too soon.

Kindness Club members advertise their free ice cream in Georgetown. (Spectrum News 1/Steve France)

At Suffoletta Park in Georgetown, The Lemons Mill Elementary “Kindness Club” came together to offer up free ice cream to the supporters of Kaden’s Cause, an organization founded in memory of Kaden Layne Harris, a happy and healthy 16-month-old girl who life was tragically cut too short.

"Kaden was born February 11, 2009. She was a happy, healthy little girl. She lived for 16 months and she went to sleep and didn't wake up," Harris explained.

Kaden's death was similar to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), but since she was over a year old, it was classified as Sudden Unexplained Death of a Child (SUD-C).

Free ice cream was their way of paying it forward to a community that has supported Kaden’s Cause so greatly.

This photo shows Kaden and her parents during a 2010 vacation in Outer Banks, North Carolina. (Kara Harris)

"It means to me that I can give people love and kindness and help the community out when they're going through some tough times," said Kindness Club member Ryann Hoskins.

"It's important because we have to be aware that some people don't have the things that we have and it's just important to make people happy," Layne Harris, Kaden's sister said.

Established to bring awareness to SUD-C, Kaden’s Cause helps to support families affected by the tragedy of losing a child by providing low-income individuals and families with funding to cover funeral, cemetery, and monument costs, and to spread kindness in memory of Kaden.

"It's important to come out here and help because I'm supporting my friend and her family for her sister and their daughter who died of an unexplained death," Kindness Club member Hadley Luxmore said.

Mackenzie Mullins, another Kindness Club member, said she thinks more people should pursue kindness instead of bullying.

"I don't want them to feel that way, so I think that today we should be here to not support us, but to support Kaden and other people," she said.

With every single scoop, before it melted, the Harris’ hoped that the Ice Cream Social will encouraged others to do random acts of kindness to help those in need.