BOWLING GREEN, Ky. — Louisville’s Fourth Street Live!, Owensboro’s The District—entertainment areas such as these are popping up in cities all across Kentucky. Now, Bowling Green will add its name to the list this summer. 

What You Need To Know

  • Fountain Row is a new entertainment district coming to Bowling Green

  • It will features shops, restaurants and bars

  • Fountain Row refers to the fountains in downtown as well as taps used for sodas and other beverages

  • It is set to open in July and will initially operate on Fridays and Saturdays

One business eager to take part in the new downtown district is S & D Soul Favorites. Business has been good for S & D since the restaurant moved to downtown Bowling Green in 2021. So, when the City of Bowling Green announced plans for an entertainment district in the heart of the city, restaurant co-owner Sherry DeWalt jumped at the idea.

The logo for Bowling Green's Fountain Row (Fountain Row)

“I really just thought it’d be a good way for S & D to get on the map,” DeWalt explained.

“Fountain Row” as it has been dubbed, will be comprised of nearly 20 downtown businesses and cover 5 square blocks.

“There are fountains downtown in that area already. Plus, a fountain can also be used to describe a soda fountain or beer tap or any of those flowing drinks that you’re going to be able to carry around in your approved cup in designated areas during Fountain Row operating hours,” notes Telia Butler, Bowling Green Downtown Development Coordinator.

However, the announcement of the entertainment district was met with concerns by some about the ability to walk through downtown with alcoholic beverages.

“The responsibility, mainly the cups that they’re giving to the destination restaurants, was to me a key thing so that you know you are being a part of that and show some responsibility,” says DeWalt.

Butler says she understands the concerns people have had.

Main Street in Bowling Green will soon house the entertainment district, Fountain Row (Spectrum News 1/Ryan Dearbone)

“Both Owensboro and Paducah PD (police departments) reported fewer PI (public intoxication) citations after theirs was launched and they accredit it to the fact that people don’t have to pound the last of that beer or chug the last of that wine if they’ve got somewhere to be that’s also downtown anymore,” according to Butler.

Brian Jarvis, longtime owner of the popular bar and nightclub, Tidball’s, sees this partnership as a great way to shift the focus back on downtown Bowling Green.

“I think when those things like around the Christmas holiday, your Small Business Saturday, your Black Friday, it’s really going to be beneficial.”

DeWalt agrees.

“Downtown’s growing a lot and I just think that we all play a part in that. We all are a community, so let’s all shine and show everybody what Bowling Green is.”

Fountain Row is scheduled to kick off July 15 and it will initially operate Fridays and Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

Editor's Note: A previous version of this story featured the wrong opening date and operating hours for Fountain Row. Those have since been corrected.