OLDHAM COUNTY, Ky. — The Uvalde, Texas community continues to grieve as more funerals and visitations take place for the victims of the school shooting . The pain is also affecting the rest of the country, including one Oldham County mother who is considering making big changes for her family. 

What You Need To Know

  • Oldham County mom switches son to homeschool after Texas school shooting

  • 19 students and 2 teachers confirmed dead in Uvalde, Texas shooting

  • Gavin will start homeschool curriculum this fall

Brittany Madera had been considering homeschooling options for a while for her 7-year-old son, Gavin, especially after seeing the results of non-traditional instruction (NTI). 

“He did really well with one-on-one instruction and then he’s also ADHD and it kind of helped that he could get up and move around whenever he needed to,” Madera said.

Madera had only been considering homeschooling options, that was until the Texas school shooting, that solidified her decision to take her 7-year-old son out of school.

“I know school shootings happen, but seeing it in elementary school, I haven’t really heard about that since Sandy Hook and I was a child myself when that happened so I really didn’t understand the weight of it,” Madera said.

After seeing the news of 19 students and 2 adults killed at the Robb Elementary School shooting in Uvalde, Texas, Madera said switching to homeschool would give her some peace of mind.

“It’s not that I don’t trust that schools will do everything they can, I just don’t trust that they love my child the way that I love my child,” Madera said.

Starting this fall, Madera will take on the role of teacher as Gavin will start the Good and the Beautiful homeschool curriculum.

“Nobody wants to fail their kids and I want him to have a great education and sometimes I worry I won’t be able to provide that for him but there’s lots of support in homeschooling communities,” Madera said.

As well as the Sons and Daughters Enrichment Program in Louisville, that Gavin will attend once a week to interact with other children.

“I don’t want him to be scared to go to school, I don’t want him to be afraid for his friends that are in school,” Madera said. I did tell him that some bad stuff happened. I didn’t go into details of what bad stuff and he didn’t ask so I left it at that.”

A decision Madera believes will help her and her son in the long run. Gavin will start his homeschool curriculum beginning August with instruction every day except Wednesday and Sunday and two Saturdays each month.