LEXINGTON, Ky. — By fall this year, people in Lexington will fully benefit from the new city-wide trail system that goes through downtown.

What You Need To Know

  • Lexington expects its Town Branch Commons Trail to open ahead of the scheduled date

  • Work began in March 2020 for the roughly 5.5-mile trail

  • Town Branch Commons will combine with the Legacy Trail, creating a 22-mile loop in Lexington

  • Officials said construction is 90% complete, with an expected ribbon cutting slated for the fall

Mayor Linda Gorton said she’s thrilled the Town Branch Commons Trail is nearing completion sooner than the initial expected completion date.

It’s scheduled to open at the end of the year. Work began in March 2020 for the roughly 5.5-mile trail.

Lexington Mayor Linda Gorton (right) and Director of Project Management Brandi Peacher walk the almost finished Town Branch Commons Trail. (Spectrum News 1/Khyati Patel)

Director of Project Management, Brandi Peacher, explained that the Town Branch Commons Trail will connect to The Legacy Trail in Lexington, providing 22 continuous miles of outdoor activity.

“People love this. They love having a long trail, you know, pack a little picnic lunch, get on your bike and take a long ride,” Gorton said. “This will connect to The Legacy Trail, which takes us all the way to the Fayette-Scott County line.”

Scott County has agreed to continue the trail, Gorton said.

The trail is not only for bikers—Gorton said people can enjoy walking the trail, viewing art along its path or even stopping to get a bite to eat.

“The other thing I will say is if you’re not a big bike rider, you can come out and walk this trail,” Gorton said. “We hope to have art installations and fountains. People will have a lot of things to enjoy along the way. And let’s not forget exercise.”

The trail expansion opens more and more avenues for Kentuckians to enjoy healthy activities, which Gorton said is important to the health of any city.

Rob Perez and his wife Diane operate their second DV8 Kitchen along at the start of the Town Branch Commons Trail.

Rob Perez helps inside their second DV8 Kitchen location that's located at the start of the Town Branch Commons Trail and the Legacy Trail. (Spectrum News 1/Khyati Patel)

Outside his kitchen, work on the trial continues on its last stretch.

“The city couldn’t have been more accommodating to try to help ensure that the construction that’s going on is, you know, as is palatable,” Perez said. “And I think that what we’re excited about seeing is that it all comes together and that we’re part of this process, moving forward with all the benefits of the trail.”

The 5.5-mile loop connects his and many other businesses along the strip.

“I think the landscaping and all the hardscape is complete. This is just the last area because it’s the crescendo, really. I think that this is now starting to shape up. It’s the water feature. It’s the start of the trail, and it is literally right here next to DV8, and we’re super excited for it,” Perez said.

City officials said the Town Branch Commons Trail will connect to the Legacy Trail, giving people options.

Preacher said there are water quality components along the trail that are in the final finishing touches.

“What’s going to happen is we will have trees. We are planting things that are naturally found within our Bluegrass area and we’re going to put it right in the heart of downtown,” Peacher said.

She said the feature will collect storm water.

“So when it rains, water will come in off of the roadway off of the trails and all of that oil and muck that’s within that water will be cleansed out of it as it naturally filters through our bioswales that we’ve created,” Peacher said.

The two recirculating water features will flow along the trail with urban rain gardens for people to see as they walk or bike the trail.

“We really believe that this is going to generate not only business but a great community feeling,” Peacher said.

Construction is 90% complete, with an expected ribbon cutting slated for the fall, officials said.