Local Starbucks workers continue their fight to unionize as union organizers in Buffalo say they've filed over 20 labor charges against the coffee giant over alleged union-busting tactics.

An attorney representing Starbucks Workers United discussed the charges in a news conference Tuesday.

Starbucks Workers United says since they began organizing activities in August, Starbucks has worked to undermine their efforts, accusing the company of closing stories, bringing in dozens out of town managers and intimidating union organizers.

"The company surveils workers, they disrupted working  conditions by making threats, making offer benefits they cut peoples hours, they hired extra workers to dilute each of the units, they closed stores," Ian Hayes, an attorney representing Starbucks Workers United, said.

Spectrum News 1 reached out to Starbucks officials about the anti-union allegations, who say those claims are "categorically false."

In December, the Elmwood Avenue location became the first unionized Starbucks in the country.

That's sparked union efforts at Starbucks locations nationwide.