LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Freshman year has been a blast for the University of Louisville student Chase Florence. 

What You Need To Know

  • UofL Health employees and dependents will receive free tuition to the University of Louisville

  • The tuition benefit is an enhancement to UofL’s benefits package

  • Dependents include spouses, domestic partners, and children up to age 26 could receive the benefit

  • The benefits start Fall 2022


“I’m living the college experience pretty much. I’m in the newest dorm on campus,” says Florence. 

His experience is about to get cheaper. 

Jennifer Florence, Florence’s mother, is a clinical nutrition manager at UofL Health, making the freshman eligible for U of L Health’s new tuition benefit. 

The benefit covers undergraduate tuition to UofL for employees and their dependents. 

About 8,500 UofL health employees and their dependents are now eligible to attend the University of Louisville tuition-free. 

“Tuition for me was something I feel like I didn’t really think a whole lot about going into college but knowing now that it’s just we’re going to have this big sort of relief, it’s awesome,” says Florence.

His mother says it gives the family financial flexibility that will allow more opportunities for Chase and his sister who will attend law school at UofL this fall. 

“My husband and I have saved for years, years, and years and we thought it’ll be enough. It was never enough. You’re always trying to figure out what you can move around, what you can do differently,” says Florence.

The benefit is available to full and part-time employees and begins this fall. 

U of L Health fully funded the tuition benefit. It is available to all benefit-eligible employees. 

New hires become eligible immediately. 

House Representative Pam Stevenson (D-43) calls the tuition benefit “one bold move” that will allow families to thrive. 

“We always say children are our future and they just demonstrated that children are future, and it also has ramifications for the people that work at the University of Louisville Health Care Center, knowing that your employer has your back that your children are taking care of,” says Stevenson.

With tuition covered, Florence is excited to focus on his career options. 

“My goals, I think for after college is I want a career where I can help people or a career where I can be creative and create for the world,” says Florence. 

The free tuition program is a partnership between the University of Louisville and U of L Health. 

Any tuition paid by UofL Health is subject to taxes for the eligible employee.