LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Frankfort Avenue is usually busy with people looking for fun and food. 

What You Need To Know

  • Businesses across Louisville closed due to the winter storm Thursday

  • A majority of Frankfort Avenue restaurants closed

  • Time 4 Thai is one the fraction of restaurants that remained open

  • The restaurant has never closed to weather

“Oh, you come here you’re looking for food. On the whole street, most of the street is the restaurants,” says Chef Pavana, owner of Time 4 Thai on Frankfort Avenue. 

On Thursday night,s most of those restaurants closed as the winter storm left the road wet, slick and vacant. 

Time 4 Thai was one of the few restaurants on the block with its open sign flashing. 

“It’s funny customer call me and ask for a reservation and also they said they have a couple of tables. They said they’re lucky to find us open, the restaurant, so I’m glad they can have some food to enjoy at this kind of weather,” says Pavana.

Chef Pavana is the owner of Time 4 Thai. She joined the flavorful street six years ago and besides, every Monday, she has never closed the door to customers. 

“I see this a chance for people can call in order and actually I live next door close by, so why not just keep open and do some prep at the same time,” says Pavana. 

Bad weather isn’t the only storm the restaurant has ridden out. 

“I tell you the truth my neighbor is the best. I’ve been through the COVID situation. We got support from the neighbors, from the customers. They try to support local business and they really, really helped and lovely customer I ever get,” says Pavana. 

Even though it was a slow night, Pavana was happy to be there for customers and customers like Jessica Rust, a local college student, and her cousin Emily were glad to find a place to eat within a safe driving distance. 

“I’m very happy to have found something because I did not want to cook tonight,” says Rust. “You know it’s sometimes worth braving the storm to get food and I would highly recommend it.”

Of course, Time 4 Thai will be open again tomorrow.