LOUISVILLE, Ky. — After the turkey is gone on Thursday, many shoppers will head out to take advantage of Black Friday deals. 

While small businesses are excited about the holiday shopping weekend, some are struggling to keep shelves stocked. And often, supply chain disruptions are the reason why. 

What You Need To Know

  • Small businesses are experiencing product shortages and delays 

  • For some, the issue started to worsen four months ago

  • Supply chain disruptions are causing issues for Ken Combs Running Store 

  • The store has several overseas suppliers 

When it comes to sneakers, Luanne Tichenor is all about the cushion. 

“I had a little bit of an overuse injury in October and then I sprained my ankle in March of this year so that cushion has been a lifesaver,” said Tichenor.

She's the store manager at Ken Combs Running Store in Louisville, an expert at finding customers the right shoe and fit, and a runner herself. 

“I would consider myself a pandemic runner. I got into it towards the middle of the pandemic just to help with my mental health and I just really took to it and I love it,” said Tichenor. 

These shelves are usually packed with shoes, but the boxes are growing thinner by the day. (Spectrum News 1/Ashley N. Brown)

Supply chain disruptions are causing issues at the locally-owned store.  

“The problem is that we’re selling 25 pairs of shoes a day and we’re only getting in 10 give or take in a day,” said Tichenor.  

She says it started during the pandemic but has significantly worsened over the past 3 to 4 months. 

“I think it started when the boats that are off the coast were getting stuck and then with COVID picking up in other countries, a lot of our shoes are made in places like Vietnam, and they have their obviously like their own issues with covid, so that’s where a lot of the shortage is coming from,” says Tichenor. 

Their stock room is running bare, and it’s fueling some customers’ frustration.

While some will be eager to take advantage of Black Friday deals, others are shopping for a reason other than the shopping season discounts. 

Andrea Geary stopped by Ken Combs Running Store to pick up a specific pair of shoes for her plantar fasciitis, a foot condition that causes pain in the heel. Geary wears a size 11 and sometimes has trouble finding shoes in her size. 

“So that can make it a little challenging even finding the shoe that fits for me and then is it available,” says Geary. “You just go with whatever color that they have available.”

Ken Combs Running Store has been serving runners and athletes for 41 years and they don’t plan on quitting any time soon.

“It's just like a really close-knit community. We're all struggling and we're all dealing with it,” says Tichenor. 

Ken Combs Running store will be open on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday.